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Luxury mansion in Baltezers

This place is valuable not just by the proximity to the lush lake, its main advantage - peace and quiet, away from the capital (12 km to Riga) and from other worldly benefits of civilization.

A three-storey house of 600 square meters. m looks bright and easy: the accuracy of proportions and harmony of forms inspired by the traditions of classical music, been run over the centuries.
Colours of the facade - quiet pale pink. The house and landscape around him thought and created as a single ensemble, based on the common - classical - principles. It seems that creation of nature, only tinkering skillful hand. Flowers and shrubs bloom in early spring and bloom until late fall - on a schedule outlined by the landscape architect.

The front door is framed by oak and frosted glass, stained glass windows, through which trickles soft milky color. Designer perfectly coped with the task of making housing a free, spacious, comfortable, modern, on the one hand, and reflected in the interior of the house tastes and preferences of owners - the adherents of the classical style - with the other.

The principle owners - to trust the implementation of designs for professionals.

House description

The house was commissioned in December 2007. Residential house is located on the shores of Lake Baltezers (White Lake) - a picturesque place surrounded by natural forest landscape. Geographical location: 10 km from Riga.

Amenities: near supermarkets, schools, sports complexes, entertainment centers, hotels, etc. Prestigious area. The lake shore is built up exclusive villas with berths for yachts and boats. There is a way out to sea. The boat 30 minutes to Jurmala.
House - 600 square meters, built on an exclusive individual project in the Art Nouveau.

    * 4 bedrooms with separate bathrooms
    * 2 guest rooms
    * Living room (60 sq m)
    * Children's room
    * Cabinet
    * Sauna (Russian, Turkish), pool (9 m, is equipped with waterfall, spa),
    * Wine Cellar
    * 2 fireplaces, onyx (solid stone)
    * Finish - classic design elements of Venetian plaster, ottochento, a collectible tile, moldings decorated with Swarovski stones and columns. The furniture in the living room (Vicente), in the kitchen (Italian factory Frame).
    * 1 floor - floor tiles - stone mass heating.
    * 2 floor - parquet. LCD TVs Sharp, air conditioning (in bedrooms and living room).
    * Heating - gas boiler
    * Water - Two wells in the area (for water supply houses and irrigation area)
    * Security alarm home and territory, video surveillance, monitoring security company.
    * Electricity 120 amp and a backup diesel generator
    * The area is improved: the track, grass, fruit and decorated landing.